Australia setlists

Sroundtable at Sroundtable at
Fri Jul 30 00:43:58 CDT 2004

I'm betting that the boys are playing setlists more akin to the 2002 tour 
because for all those down under know, it's fresh.  I'm hoping that in CA we'll 
get to hear Naked Eye and maybe a few more surprises.  Long Live Rock?  Magic 
Bus?  Hmmm... any others, perhaps?  The Real Me? 

 I also noticed the setlists are shorter this time around.  In 2002 it was 21 
songs.  Here the norm seems to be 19.  Are they jamming longer on some of 
them?  The 2002 shows were about 2 hrs, 15 min and these have been reported to be 
right at 2 hrs or a little under.  Any thoughts?


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