L. Bird pkeets at
Thu Jul 29 20:32:39 CDT 2004

Well, Pete's beard is kind of white this year instead of the salt-and-pepper 
gray we've been seeing, and he's got more gray in the temples, too, which 
may be why folks would say he looks a bit older.  I still like the beard, 
though.  Some older men can make it into the "distinguished" category, and 
it seems to me a tidy beard contributes to this look.  Note Sean Connery, 
for example, who's actually more handsome at 75 than he was at 35.  Some 
tweed and a shotgun help complete the look.  ;)

I also liked Roger's beard in 1998, and wouldn't be adverse to seeing him 
try out the look again.

Look at the pics of Steven Tyler, in contrast.  Admittedly, Matt's photos 
may not show him in the best light, but he looks very artificial.  I don't 
think he's aging very gracefully, and both Pete and Roger look great in 


>He looks much younger without the gray beard.

>>Pete *does* look sharp.  I like his beard.  I showed some of the pics to a 
>>friend & he said, "Man, Pete sure is an old motherfucker."  To me, it's 
>>still just Pete; to my friend, he was an old motherfucker.  Oh well, I 
>>think  Pete looks damn good.

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