Who's on Aussie TV

L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 29 19:44:30 CDT 2004

Repost from alt.music.who:

>Last night (28th July) Channel 7 crossed to the Sydney Entertainment Centre 
>(for what they said was the band's only Aussie TV appearance) and showed 
>all of "Substitute" (mainly concentrating on shots of Pete and Rog and a 
>few close-ups of Zak).  The band looked like they were still getting it 
>together and I would've loved to see them later on after they'd warmed up a 
>bit. But still great to see them on TV playing in Australia at last!!!! 
>(Sorry but I didn't tape it).Hopefully this means that the whole show was 
>filmed! Does anyone who was there know if they kept the cameras rolling?

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