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Kara Billings ilovemyhorses2 at
Thu Jul 29 12:37:04 CDT 2004

I have had friends say the same to  me Scott. He looks old or like a 
grandpa. Well the heck with them he looks great. I wold like to see thier 
grand dad's go on stage and do a full show. I bet one or two songs and they 
would be finshed. I bet some young blokes could not keep up! Point is they 
Rock they look hot. Lets all go now and put one some WHO tunes and get lost 
in the music!!!! :)


Scoot wrote.......
> > Heheh.  He's sucking in his gut.  Notice the later pics where he forgets 
> > lets it hang out.  ;)  He really does look sharp though, doesn't he?
>Pete *does* look sharp.  I like his beard.  I showed some of the pics to a
>friend & he said, "Man, Pete sure is an old motherfucker."  To me, it's 
>just Pete; to my friend, he was an old motherfucker.  Oh well, I think Pete
>looks damn good.
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