White City

Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 29 08:45:22 CDT 2004

> I love the movie.  I really do.  It's about the
> people that Pete left behind
> when he became a rock star - well, one of 'em
> anyway.  His old chums.  


Thereby solidifying his Mod roots.

> society.  But he hasn't really attempted to help
> himself, either.

Right; his parents were no help so he never learned
how to deal with adulthood. Remember, his mother was
rather dim and his father was drunk.

> Please do.  Then you'll have to explain the
> narration line in 
> the movie where Pete says, "Me?  I went back on the
> road.
> With the boys."

I meant the album, actually.

> Well, I wouldn't call the acting "superb."  

I would. It wasn't like acting, it was like real
people. They didn't posture, they just reacted like
real people. Sting is a possible exception, although I
think he was playing the part of the Ace Face for the
other Mods rather than for the movie.

> And there are some awkward edits.

Did I say anything about the editing?

> Yuck.  I thought it was OK when I first saw it.

I beg to differ. Watching the movie, I was drawn in
and forgot I was watching a movie. Particularly in the
scenes where they were tripping in the desert and the
concert with the bonfire.

> band.  I can't watch the movie now.  It's too
> sweeping & doesn't
> touch on many aspects of The Doors & Jim Morrison.

They only had two hours. I think they captured the
spirit of the band quite well. Val Kilmer aced it,

> I have *no* problem with the TOMMY movie.  I love it
> nearly as
> much as I love the QUAD movie.  Some days, even
> more.

I don't hate it, but I wish it hadn't been so deep
into the "current" look (1975 post-glitter). Not only
does that NOT reflect the image of The Who in the
least, it dates the movie. Take the music for
example...the original Tommy holds up as a lot more
timeless than the soundtrack of the movie.

> Jaws III?  In 3-D?


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