Sydney review #4

L. Bird pkeets at
Thu Jul 29 08:09:32 CDT 2004


I see others have posted so just let me say I was in awe. Two hours of
fucking amazing stuff. Change to Japan setlist: Kids, YBYB, Eminence
Front, solo Drowned.

Pino now well up in the mix and all the better for it. Adding some
nice touches to stuff like WAY. Pete was outstanding. Roger's voice is
getting better and... well I could go on and on.

The crowd split between a section that were all up for it and then
some who seemed to have lead in their souls. Needless to say The Who
convinced them otherwise.

Pete asked if everyone was going to 'have a few beers afterwards' and
hen said he hadn't had a few beers for twenty two years. I had a few
for him.

He also said they'd be back.

He also talks about the new album as if it's a decided thing.

Let's see what Thursday brings.

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