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Thu Jul 29 08:02:20 CDT 2004


I don't know if I'm younger than most of you at 29 but maybe so...
anyway I became a recent fan of the WHO after hearing my favourite
song "Who Are You" and buying the CD of the same name. After moving
to Tokyo a couple of years ago, I didn't expect them to drop by here
but I was delighted when they did and got my ticket for Yokohama.. I
wasn't disappointed. My Dad told me before how they were his
favourite group when he was a teenager... a few years before my

Anyway, I'd just like to share how proud and emotional I felt to see a
legendary British band doing so well, and how happy I felt to be
witnessing a piece of WHO history, the first ever concert in Japan. I
love this country and I get the feeling they enjoyed their trip
here... I hope they take back a good memory of the Yokohama crowd.
Believe me, it was very very hot, my wife and I got through at least
three litres of water each. Also... her colleague (both are Japanese)
who had come to see Aerosmith, delighted me by saying "At first I was
there to see Aerosmith, but actually The Who's performance was much
better, I was like, "My, how old are these people? Even I couldn`t
play such an energetic stage." Now I am a big fan of The Who."

I think the reason I like them so much... is the amount of anger
expressed in the songs such as "I can't explain" and "Who are you". I
am not an angry or violent person, but emotional, and songs such as
this are an excellent channel for your own feelings, whether listening
or just singing along. I have similar feelings about "Satisfaction"
by the Stones, if I am allowed to say that in this group. I admire
any professional who can completely put aside other thoughts and
totally express the songs they sing, body and soul. That's what makes
the WHO legends.

I hope I get to see them again. I was almost ready to fly on to

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