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Repost from Relayers:

The Aerosmith website has "John B's" story of meeting and sharing the
bill with The Who, with some pictures.
Here's the part you would be interested in.

Unreal, sharing the same stage as The Who. We got to the show a little
earlier than normal. The Who's dressing room was right next to
Aerosmith's. Right before they went on, Steven and Joe went over to
visit. Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend couldn't have been nicer. They
invited the guys into their world and Ross took a bunch of pictures. I
even managed to shoot a few. I've had the good fortune of seeing Joe and
Steven spending time with their idols before. Joe with Jimmy Page and
Keith Richards and Steven with Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney but it
seemed like they were really tongue tied, sweaty and nervous. Maybe it
was the Yokohama heat, which was over 100 degrees on stage before The
Who played. They pulled out all the stops and really kicked butt. It was
the first time in the band's 40 year career that they played in Japan.
Aerosmith has played in Japan about 59 times since 1977. It seemed like
the guys turned the amps up to 11 after seeing The Who. It was a great
night of rock. Later that evening I got to have a few drinks with new
WHO bass player, Pino Paladino, and guitarist Simon Townshend at the
Hotel bar with their fellow countryman Jimmy Eyers.

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