White City

Scott Schrade schrade at akrobiz.com
Wed Jul 28 20:07:26 CDT 2004

> Not having read the script myself...it's all about
> coming to terms with adulthood, no? That's how I see
> the film. 

Me, too.  Jim has been beaten down by abuse & an indifferent
society.  But he hasn't really attempted to help himself, either.
The end of the movie gives hope that he's going to change.
And that's conveyed simply through two people smiling at each
other.  Wonderful.

> Just like Quad (the album). I suppose it
> means there are to be levels in life, transition from
> teenage years to young adulthood, and then another
> such transition to later adulthood (as illustrated in
> White City). 

Everybody listening to Mark?  He speaks the truth.

> At some point soon I'll detail
> the reasons I think White City is about the breakup of
> the band, but I don't have time right this minute.

Please do.  Then you'll have to explain the narration line in 
the movie where Pete says, "Me?  I went back on the road.
With the boys."  (And something else after that.)

> Hear hear! I think Quad The Movie is a classic. 


> The cinematography was incredible, the script was
> perfect, the acting superb, the direction right on the
> money. 

Well, I wouldn't call the acting "superb."  And there are some
awkward edits.

> I can think of only one other movie which comes
> close, and that's the Doors movie. 

Yuck.  I thought it was OK when I first saw it.  I guess I was
just happy someone made a movie about my *second* favorite
band.  I can't watch the movie now.  It's too sweeping & doesn't
touch on many aspects of The Doors & Jim Morrison.

> Tommy sure as Hell didn't. 

I have *no* problem with the TOMMY movie.  I love it nearly as
much as I love the QUAD movie.  Some days, even more.

> Quad is one of my top ten movies, along with Lord Of
> The Rings (ALL of them, the long versions) and Angel
> Heart and It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World and Being There
> and...

Jaws III?  In 3-D?

- SCHRADE in Akron

To treat your facts with imagination is one thing, to imagine your 
facts is quite another.
      - John Burroughs

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