White City & Smashing By Design

Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 28 18:29:22 CDT 2004

> I didn't see much of a way for him to come to terms
> with responsibility, but 


Well, the realization that he needs to come to terms
with responsibility, if he wants the girl back. As you
know, I think Pete ALWAYS ends his stories with the
realization, not the actual action taken. I guess he
feels once you KNOW, then you WILL act...why show it?

>  Do
> you think this was Pete's 
> point?

Like I said, I think realization is always his point.

> He sort of drifts through the film, as if
> visiting with the past, 
> and then walks away at the end.

Ah, but PETE isn't a main player in the drama. He's
only the player who is there when things happen, and
not by design either. Not HIS design, anyway. He's a
bystander, almost.

> Could this be about spiritual poverty?

Oh, you just see spirituality in EVERYTHING!

> And I do
> think Moon was always broke, BTW.

Not ALWAYS. Just sooner or later. But the well was
never dry for him, as long as he was alive. He never
wanted, the way Jim does in White City.

> What I wanted to see was what we finally got in
> 1989, which was just The Who 
> presenting TOMMY in all it's pathos and humor and
> uplifing finale.  It's 
> just a shame it took so long to get there.

Hmmm...well, I don't know if I completely agree (do I
ever?). I think it could have been a movie with a more
serious tone, should have been. I think Pete got tired
of dealing with trying to make the movie and as a
result, we got a very dated flashy trashy piece of
work. I still like it, but compared to Quad the Movie,
I'll take Quad.
> Have you watched it?

How would I know about the shower scene if I hadn't?

I like it, it's pretty good but not great. Rog has
nothing to be ashamed of, and it might mean more if
the story was better known in the US.
The music's great, anyway. Best Daltrey solo album,

> National Convention." - Ann Coulter

God, she's such a skank.

> I don't want to bring everybody down, but it looked
> very
> contrived to me, and very *circus act*.



My greatest fear realized. I knew it would come to
this. It's a sad day in Whoville, the mighty Pete has
struck out.

> *However* I'm not bothered by it at all.  You don't
> think all of the 60's
> destruction was spontaneous, right?


No, but at least it had passion. It wasn't Pete
playing Pete on stage.

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