Yokohama smash

David Huntington huntington at
Wed Jul 28 16:37:29 CDT 2004

On 7/28/04 4:56 PM, "The Who Mailing List Digest" <thewho-request at>

>> I don't want to bring everybody down, but it looked very
> contrived to me, and very *circus act*.

I loved it. Of course it's contrived. So is the windmilling and jumping
around. Roger's microphone antics. It's all part of the act. That's what
people go to see. The amazing thing is that the fans also get what they went
to hear while all this other stuff is happening.

I'm sure all of this was born out of spontaneous acting out years ago, but
now, it's The Who's show. It's show business and I find it simply amazing
that these men still have the balls to do it at this stage and still sound

Now Naked Eye on two acoustics? That's fresh. 

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