Smashingly unconvincing

L. Bird pkeets at
Wed Jul 28 15:46:27 CDT 2004

>I just got a chance to see the feed from the concert in
Japan where Pete smashed his guitar.

>I don't want to bring everybody down, but it looked very
contrived to me, and very *circus act*.     It just looked
very silly, especially Pete standing there afterwards
with his hands outstretched and then coming out
to take a bow.    All too rehearsed-looking to me.

Some other folks have said about this same thing.  Also, someone else 
commented that the performance lacked "oomph."  However, I don't think it's 
a big deal.

I expect the guitar smashing WAS planned, and that they were working under 
adverse circumstances.  If you check the pics, it's likely they're exhausted 
and just about to suffer from heat stroke.  The little review I posted said 
the heat was terrible for the performers, and you can see that Roger and Zak 
are totally soaked with sweat.  The beat is running too slow, and the 
audience is less responsive than what they're used to--there's not much 
energy to feed off of.  Remember that the Japanese are very reserved, and 
the band didn't get the push they'd like to have to finish off with a grand 

Still they got a huge cheer.  You can hear the audience scream and some of 
them are jumping up and down.  They've appreciated the show, though we would 
say it's a little off.  It's harder to judge the audience in Osaka, as we 
don't see as much of it, but I expect they were well received there, too.


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