Smashingly Unconvincing.

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Wed Jul 28 11:52:43 CDT 2004


I just got a chance to see the feed from the concert in
Japan where Pete smashed his guitar.

I don't want to bring everybody down, but it looked very
contrived to me, and very *circus act*.     It just looked
very silly, especially Pete standing there afterwards
with his hands outstretched and then coming out
to take a bow.    All too rehearsed-looking to me.

Maybe some of the mystique comes off when they
are playing in broad daylight.   I dunno...

Maybe it's because I know that they
are traveling with friends and family (wives and girlfriends
and such) that I know that Pete cannot be angry or
miffed to the point of smashing his guitar.

To my untrained ears, his playing on that particular instrument
sounded good all through the Tommy set.   What gives?

Did he do this to flip the bird at Aerosmith - who were going
on after The Who?

Did he plan this as a *I've never done this in Asia* kind of

He looked much to regular after doing it too.   I like my Pete
smashing to accompanied with a crazed or pained expression.
As if some sort of uncontrollable urge or channeling is
taking over his body and brain.

I witnessed none of these, and it made me feel very uncomfortable
watching it.

Joe in Philly 

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