White City

L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 28 10:47:34 CDT 2004

>But an after-death experience could explain many things in the sense that 
>is a radical experience. It could explain the cynicism (or naive loss) 
>occurred recently, cause he possibly front his own demons in that 
>experience and found them abnormal huge, or maybe what he found wasn't what 
>he expected for or whatever. I don't know, but if he Pete retreated to a 
>more private life and relative obscurity after that, it is a clue that the 
>experience were significant enough.

There's a sense of detachment to WHITE CITY, as if Pete is looking at the 
world from somewhere up above, or from his hideout, as he suggests in 
"Hiding Out."  Maybe you're right that an after death experience could 
contribute to that kind of perspective.  This album came out after FACE 
DANCES, which has some very bitter material on it, and IT'S HARD, which 
sounds very stressed.  WHITE CITY seems to be written at a point where Pete 
had withdrawn and found some balance again.  Maybe it's a memorial to his 
past life, as well.

I also think "Hiding Out" suggests the way Keith Moon hid his deeper self 
beneath the clown front he presented to the public.  I gather that Moon died 
and was revived several times before he finally managed to slip away.  Do 
you suppose he had after-death experiences, as well?  If so, I wonder how 
they affected him?


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