White City

Tom Fency tomfency at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 28 09:22:43 CDT 2004

>What sorts of things do you think an after-death experience might explain?  
>The visible result of this period was that Pete got even more stressed out 
>by trying to keep The Who on the road, and eventually gave it up and 
>retreated to a more private life and relative obscurity.  As we've been 
>discussing, his work became less spritual (if you agree with Mark) and less 
>uplifting (more cynical, but still about spiritual matters) if you agree 
>with me.

Not less spiritual, 'cause only Tommy is openly spiritual, but multi-layered 
with a unique spiritual flavor and a little bit more cynical, for sure, 
specially considering Psychoderelict (a work at the same time pretty 
spiritual and cynical). But an after-death experience could explain many 
things in the sense that is a radical experience. It could explain the 
cynicism (or naive loss) occurred recently, cause he possibly front his own 
demons in that experience and found them abnormal huge, or maybe what he 
found wasn't what he expected for or whatever. I don't know, but if he Pete 
retreated to a more private life and relative obscurity after that, it is a 
clue that the experience were significant enough.


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