White City

L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 28 08:39:05 CDT 2004

>>He kept on with this until he DID OD and die, but was revived at a local
>hospital.  Then after he cleaned up and started to get things back on 
>track, he wrote this album.

>So, Pete had an after-death experience. Wow, that could explain many 
Do you know, Keets, if Pete's talked about that in any interview? The impact
of this after-death experience in his life?

If he's talked about it anywhere, I haven't seen it, Tom.  It's sort of a 
startling idea that Pete might seek out these experiences on purpose, but if 
he actually does that, he's never let us in on the secret.

What sorts of things do you think an after-death experience might explain?  
The visible result of this period was that Pete got even more stressed out 
by trying to keep The Who on the road, and eventually gave it up and 
retreated to a more private life and relative obscurity.  As we've been 
discussing, his work became less spritual (if you agree with Mark) and less 
uplifting (more cynical, but still about spiritual matters) if you agree 
with me.


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