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I think that's end the debate. The fact that Pete evokes a spiritual feels 
to his work, although it is NOT necessarily spiritual. It's done to me. Very 
I think Pete creates multi-layered works, psychological, social, spiritual, 
everything joined together as ours live ordinarily is. We wake up, go to 
work, think about promotion or special projects, read e-mails, tease mates, 
have lunch, see a beautiful sky, pray a little, get mad about politics, hear 
some WHO stuff, wonder about meaning of life, play with children, laugh a 
little etc. etc. etc.


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> > I didn't really understand much about White City
> > until Pete posted his
> > original script for the movie.  My conclusion from
> > reading the script is
> > that this is about Keith Moon--a memorial, if you
> > like.
>Not having read the script myself...it's all about
>coming to terms with adulthood, no? That's how I see
>the film. Just like Quad (the album). I suppose it
>means there are to be levels in life, transition from
>teenage years to young adulthood, and then another
>such transition to later adulthood (as illustrated in
>White City). Coming into young adulthood is an
>empowering feeling, freedom at last, but at some point
>one must take responsibility for some sort of future.
> > As Keets noticed, the introduction in inner sleeve
> > is, with a little
> > modification, the lyrics of the song "I Am Secure",
> > which IMO is very
> > spiritual.
>It does appear so. I just don't get it from the story.
>Taken as a whole, reading his interviews at the time
>(or seeing them...the one after the movie on the
> > philosophical. In conclusion, if the story is not
> > spiritual in the least,
> > has a strong spiritual flavour. As everything Pete
> > did and does after Tommy.
>I do believe Pete evokes a spiritual feel to his work.
>That doesn't necessarily mean it IS spiritual, just
>that it has the feel. At some point soon I'll detail
>the reasons I think White City is about the breakup of
>the band, but I don't have time right this minute.
> > Dunno, but you can see him in The Bride with Sting &
> > Jennifer Beals.  I believe
> > that's a Franc Roddam film, too.  Phil plays a dirty
> > circus scoundrel in that one.
>He was brilliant in the film Breaking Glass, too. But
>my all-time favorite role was his from the edge of the
>stage in Madison Square Garden, 7/18/96. The music was
>played better the following summer (IMHO), but Quad
>was never presented better than on that stage.
> > It didn't hurt my experience; I loved the movie the
> > first time I saw it.
>Hear hear! I think Quad The Movie is a classic. The
>British version of American Graffiti, even though it
>has more in common with The Wanderers really. I didn't
>mind the non-Who participation, in fact their music
>didn't fit the film too well. It didn't advance the
>story, it didn't give you the feel of the scenes. The
>time period music was much better, and gave it the
>feel it was supposed to have. It put you there.
>The cinematography was incredible, the script was
>perfect, the acting superb, the direction right on the
>money. In the long run, Quad will stand as one of the
>most realistic movies ever made. The wet streets of
>London, the smokey clubs, the bright sun of Brighton
>Beach. Have you ever felt a surge of emotion like the
>one where the Mods start running toward the cafe, to
>get the Rocker? The sheer power of the movie...you
>know, I can think of only one other movie which comes
>close, and that's the Doors movie. What I mean to say
>is both of them made me forget I was watching a movie,
>but instead like I was involved, I was there, part of
>it all. How many movies can do that? Tommy sure as
>Hell didn't.
>Quad wasn't a Rock Video film, and thank the Big G for
>that! It's much more, and I applaude The Who for not
>falling into that tired old trap. It was a real movie,
>one that can stand with anything ever released.
>The movie is not the album. The story is much
>different, the end completely different. It focuses on
>things the album barely mentions, and if Jimmy has a
>split personality you can't tell it from his actions.
>He acts like a mixed up teen...just what he was, and
>most of us were.
>Quad is one of my top ten movies, along with Lord Of
>The Rings (ALL of them, the long versions) and Angel
>Heart and It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World and Being There
> > Right!  Mark's got it today.
>Whaddya mean "today?" I've got Pete pegged, yo.
>"When that trust is violated, the bonds that hold our
>republic together begin to weaken."
>                 Jimmy Carter
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