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> I didn't really understand much about White City
> until Pete posted his 
> original script for the movie.  My conclusion from
> reading the script is 
> that this is about Keith Moon--a memorial, if you
> like.


Not having read the script myself...it's all about
coming to terms with adulthood, no? That's how I see
the film. Just like Quad (the album). I suppose it
means there are to be levels in life, transition from
teenage years to young adulthood, and then another
such transition to later adulthood (as illustrated in
White City). Coming into young adulthood is an
empowering feeling, freedom at last, but at some point
one must take responsibility for some sort of future.

> As Keets noticed, the introduction in inner sleeve
> is, with a little 
> modification, the lyrics of the song "I Am Secure",
> which IMO is very 
> spiritual.


It does appear so. I just don't get it from the story.
Taken as a whole, reading his interviews at the time
(or seeing them...the one after the movie on the

> philosophical. In conclusion, if the story is not
> spiritual in the least, 
> has a strong spiritual flavour. As everything Pete
> did and does after Tommy.

I do believe Pete evokes a spiritual feel to his work.
That doesn't necessarily mean it IS spiritual, just
that it has the feel. At some point soon I'll detail
the reasons I think White City is about the breakup of
the band, but I don't have time right this minute.

> Dunno, but you can see him in The Bride with Sting &
> Jennifer Beals.  I believe
> that's a Franc Roddam film, too.  Phil plays a dirty
> circus scoundrel in that one.


He was brilliant in the film Breaking Glass, too. But
my all-time favorite role was his from the edge of the
stage in Madison Square Garden, 7/18/96. The music was
played better the following summer (IMHO), but Quad
was never presented better than on that stage.

> It didn't hurt my experience; I loved the movie the
> first time I saw it. 

Hear hear! I think Quad The Movie is a classic. The
British version of American Graffiti, even though it
has more in common with The Wanderers really. I didn't
mind the non-Who participation, in fact their music
didn't fit the film too well. It didn't advance the
story, it didn't give you the feel of the scenes. The
time period music was much better, and gave it the
feel it was supposed to have. It put you there.
The cinematography was incredible, the script was
perfect, the acting superb, the direction right on the
money. In the long run, Quad will stand as one of the
most realistic movies ever made. The wet streets of
London, the smokey clubs, the bright sun of Brighton
Beach. Have you ever felt a surge of emotion like the
one where the Mods start running toward the cafe, to
get the Rocker? The sheer power of the movie...you
know, I can think of only one other movie which comes
close, and that's the Doors movie. What I mean to say
is both of them made me forget I was watching a movie,
but instead like I was involved, I was there, part of
it all. How many movies can do that? Tommy sure as
Hell didn't. 
Quad wasn't a Rock Video film, and thank the Big G for
that! It's much more, and I applaude The Who for not
falling into that tired old trap. It was a real movie,
one that can stand with anything ever released.
The movie is not the album. The story is much
different, the end completely different. It focuses on
things the album barely mentions, and if Jimmy has a
split personality you can't tell it from his actions.
He acts like a mixed up teen...just what he was, and
most of us were.
Quad is one of my top ten movies, along with Lord Of
The Rings (ALL of them, the long versions) and Angel
Heart and It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World and Being There

> Right!  Mark's got it today.

Whaddya mean "today?" I've got Pete pegged, yo.

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