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> I went into it expecting that the entire film would 
> be nothing but music, like Tommy was.  It started off incandescently, 
> with a quiet opening shot (IIRC) which, soon enough, exploded into 
> "The Real Me" with Jimmy motoring along on the scooter, right at me, 
> as the credits rolled.  After 30 seconds or a minute, TRM faded out 
> and we went to dialogue.  I felt like I'd been slapped.  My jaw hung 
> open, at least figuratively and perhaps literally, in disbelief that 
> they'd stop that glorious music for a bunch of actors reciting lines. 
> I've never recovered, actually, and am still not particularly 
> interested in Quad except as an historical record of a part of The 
> Who's lives.

This crystallizes my reaction.  Maybe if I had known what to expect it 
wouldn't have been a disappointment.  It was like what happened when I saw The 
Bourne Identity.  I read the book and loved it, and went to the movie to see how 
another set of eyes and ears had interpreted it.  What I got was an entirely 
different story based VERY loosely on the book.  In other words, they took a 
basic concept and constructed an entirely different plot.  It wasn't even close.  
This is why I didn't read Bourne Supremecy- so I could actually enjoy the film 
(which I did).  Now I can read Bourne Supremecy and treat it as a different 
story altogether.


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