White City

L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 27 21:13:56 CDT 2004

>>I didn't really understand much about White City until Pete posted his 
>>original script for the movie.  My conclusion from reading the script is 
>>that this is about Keith Moon--a memorial, if you like.

>What was in the script that led you to that conclusion?  Do you like the 

I didn't much like the movie.  It looks like a short art film, and it's got 
some nice shots in it, but I couldn't figure out what it was about.  Pete 
said it wasn't what he had intended because they ran out of money, and also 
because he found the process of filming to be so miserable.  I can't 
identify any sign in the movie that it's about Keith Moon.

It seems to me that Pete takes spells where he trys to see the world through 
someone else's eyes.  It's almost like he tried out the life of a 
drug-addicted junkie after Moon died, to punish himself for letting Moon 
die, for one thing, and also maybe to see what life was like from Moon's 
point of view.  He kept on with this until he DID OD and die, but was 
revived at a local hospital.  Then after he cleaned up and started to get 
things back on track, he wrote this album.

Just a quick look at the script brings up the idea Jim is a thinly veiled 
Keith Moon.  First indication:  After he's introduced as a (handicapped) 
character, Jiim takes out drumsticks and starts to drum on the table, then 
breaks a stick, tosses it away.  Bit of dialog:  Jim:  Who's on the drums?  
Other character: No one, mate.  You're irreplacable.   There's also a 
character that seems very much like Roger.  Of course, Pete appears as 
himself, but there are signs that he identifies with Jim.

Plus, here's a bit of Pete's introduction:  I wrote this teleplay during a 
period of personal struggle.  I was trying to rebuild myself and a marriage 
damaged by drug and alcohol abuse.  Through therapy, as a part of my 
treatment at the time, I had come to realise that I had been quite seriously 
emotionally abused as a child.  Like many celebrities - as I grew up - I 
turned to creative work, and finally to incomprehensible self-destruction as 
a means to draw attention to my subconscious difficulty.  Writing White City 
was - for me in therapy - a way of facing some of the anger I felt toward 
the adults in my childhood, who had done their best, but had failed to be 
perfect parents (if there can be such a thing).  In the past I had allowed 
myself to rely too much on my creative work, the loyalty of my fans, and the 
well-charted escapist avenues of show business.


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