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Scott Schrade schrade at akrobiz.com
Tue Jul 27 19:24:53 CDT 2004

> I recently bought the VHS of Quad, and I agree about the accents.  It took 
> some getting used to.  I had to rewind a couple of parts to get the gist of it. 

Same with me.  It's like each time I watch it I catch a little bit more of the
dialogue.  Poxy hairdryer?
> Phil Daniels was superb (is he any relation to anthony daniels, the voice of 
> C3PO from Star Wars?), 

Dunno, but you can see him in The Bride with Sting & Jennifer Beals.  I believe
that's a Franc Roddam film, too.  Phil plays a dirty circus scoundrel in that one.

> but I was expecting the film to be more driven by the music.  The Quad songs 
> were merely part of the soundtrack, albeit the main part.  I think my expectations 
> were just in the wrong place, so it hurt the experience for me.  

It didn't hurt my experience; I loved the movie the first time I saw it.  I wasn't
expecting Who music throughout.  In fact, the Who music is rather intrusive in
certain scenes, almost forced in for the sake of putting it somewhere.

I've still yet to see the British cut of the film that has the "inside the grocery 
store" scene (the one where Steph works).  Why wasn't that on the U.S. DVD
release?  I even went to a theater showing & it wasn't included.

Anyone know what other scenes are deleted from the U.S. release?

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