White City

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Tue Jul 27 13:45:15 CDT 2004


As Keets noticed, the introduction in inner sleeve is, with a little 
modification, the lyrics of the song "I Am Secure", which IMO is very 
spiritual. Face the Face too. Give blood isn't spiritual at all, but 
philosophical. In conclusion, if the story is not spiritual in the least, 
has a strong spiritual flavour. As everything Pete did and does after Tommy.


> > Introduction to White City in the inner sleeve -- by
> > Pete Townshend
>Yes, out of long practice Pete does tend to express
>himself in terms where he makes everyday events into
>spiritual events. I'd say it's programed into his
>"commentator mode" he falls into when he writes or
>speaks to the public.
>However, the story is not spiritual in the least. Like
>Quad, and some say this is the sequel which I can
>believe, it's about coping with society.
>"Strength and wisdom are not opposing values."
>                 Bill Clinton
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