Roger and his wife

Kara Billings ilovemyhorses2 at
Tue Jul 27 13:40:25 CDT 2004

>I seem to remember reading an interview with Rog where he said that he
>married his wife with the understanding that he was a rock star and was 
>going to
>fool around on the road.  Apparently, she agreed to this arrangement when 
>got married.  I suppose it would work as long as his extra-marital sex was
>emotionally meaningless and she was free to do the same.  I guess she was 
>able to
>deal with it, cause here they are.  I wonder if Rog still fools around on 

I read that some place. I bet a lot of Rock stars wish their wife felt like 
that. At least Rog is open about it to her and right from the start. Least 
she knows he always comes home to her. He's hers.


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