who in Tokyo (Roger's wife)

Kara Billings ilovemyhorses2 at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 27 13:25:57 CDT 2004

I have seen her in magazines. It does kind of look like her she, could have 
dyed, her hair red. After all she most be near 60 if not already so I am 
sure gray has set in. Sandy if you want and you do find a picture of 
Heather, I would be happy to see it. It might be different one then I had 
seen. Any way her hair was long in all the ones I have seen of her. We all 
know she is taller.

The picture of Pete now that is rachel right? She does not have make up on 
at least not a lot of it like she did in those pictures on Pete's site.

>I have a few PICS of her (somewhere way in the back of my books, I'm not
>jealous am I)? I will try to find one and scan it for you.
>I wonder if Rog still fools around on the
I bet he does fool around when Heather is not around. I had read that 
Heather did not go to a lot of the concerts maybe she does know. Japan is a 
neat place so  I would want to go with Roger at least to Japan  If I was 


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