Pete as Communist

L. Bird pkeets at
Tue Jul 27 10:01:45 CDT 2004

>Pete's politics (and the politics of The Who) is always an interesting 
>subject. Just for the record:
Pete was (is?) a card-carrying member of the British Communist Party. He has 
espoused Communism as a guiding principle from as early as 1966 and as 
recently as 1982.

There was a story in the Yahoo news yesterday bout Celia Cruz being denied 
an artist visa because of supposed artist leanings back in the fifties which 
makes me wonder why Pete never had any problems witn entering the US in the 
sixties and seventies if he was a member of the Communist Party.   Do you 
suppose he left his card at home?

Also, I gather the FBI had a file on John Lennon because of his political 
leanings.  I wonder if they had/have one on Pete, too.


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