Who's in Sydney

L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 27 08:45:52 CDT 2004

Matt has a diary up about arrival in Sydney.

>27 July 2004
Sydney 270704

Flew into Sydney overnight from Tokyo, arriving at 6.45am this morning. The 
airport was absolute chaos - nothing to do with the band arriving...just 
chaos. It took ages to get out of the airport and find cars to take us to 
the hotels.

Everyone is tired today by the looks of it. The flight was nine and a half 
hours but I think very few people in the party managed to sleep. Personally 
I feel physically exhausted and all I do is point a camera and then work on 
a computer...what a wimp!

An early night tonight I think (even though it's almost 11 pm now) and 
hopefully a bit more refreshed for tomorrow, when the band play their first 
gig in Australia in 36 years. I'm really excited to see the response here 
and I'll report back on the show as early as I can.


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