White City

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Yes, the lyrics are slight different, mainly the second part. Let us analyze 
it under my "inconvenient" viewpoint:

Alone I am free from hatred and blindness               (the socialization 
of an initiated one is very
I hope that this life is frozen and timeless                 (the world 
anarchy and hardness won't endure
for long)
My man is here, we grow old by inches                    (lower self 
connected to higher self is an
eternal entity)
Tomorrow I'll walk among heroes and princes            (as he is eternal, he 
will see a better time)
I feed the boys, I hear secrets whispered                 (the future 
belongs to children, they will
better the world)
I know the hearts that are battered and blistered      (although we live in 
an imperfect world that


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>Again, I don't have my album, so I borrowed this from the excellent Bill 
>Keller.  It appears to be a different version than what you've got, Tom.  
>Is there a demo of this, or another version that's different?
>>I Am Secure
>My room looks out to the wide open spaces
>My heart is touched by awakening faces
>I see the panic of people in motion
>I can stand here, look out on an ocean.
>I am a wall awaiting a catchword.
>I see the city laid out like a patchwork.
>>This is my cell, but it's connected to star light.
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