Roger and his wife

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Mon Jul 26 21:42:50 CDT 2004

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> No, I haven't seen PICS of her. I remember Roger once saying in an 
> interview
> that the only reason to get married was to have kids..... I think I could
> handle the fooling around thing if it eventually stopped but if it was a
> life long thing it would really be tough.   Cin (who wouldn't mind a night
> or two with him either!) 

I seem to remember reading an interview with Rog where he said that he 
married his wife with the understanding that he was a rock star and was going to 
fool around on the road.  Apparently, she agreed to this arrangement when they 
got married.  I suppose it would work as long as his extra-marital sex was 
emotionally meaningless and she was free to do the same.  I guess she was able to 
deal with it, cause here they are.  I wonder if Rog still fools around on the 


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