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Mon Jul 26 20:34:36 CDT 2004

huntington at writes:

> I vaguely recall quotes from Pete about sound and the sea. About how once 
as a kid on a > boat trip out into the ocean the sounds put him into some 
trance and when the motor 
> stopped, he had a breakdown. Anyone remember this?

Sure, I posted the following last summer during the discussion of water in 
Pete's songs.  
"S-word" alert!!

Here's a watery revelation from Pete (source: Off The Record Classic radio 
show, week of May 11, 1998):

"I actually had an almost, like a spiritual experience which I tried to 
recreate on the Quadrophenia album.  When I was a kid I used to be in the Sea 
Scouts and we went out one day on the Thames in a motorboat and it had an 
motor, a very old cranky outboard motor, and it was droning away.  And while 
it was droning away I heard all this music come from the sound of it and it 
kind of blissed me out, is the only way I can describe it, and when they 
the motor off at the end I just went *crazy*, I burst into tears and I wanted 
them to put it back on again and I just wanted to hear that music again that 
I heard, and I guess that what I've been trying to do musically, not 
but musically, ever since that day is try to recreate and approach that 

I've Been Away, so apologies if Somebody Saved Me has already been mentioned 
as having I believe four references to rain.  


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