Spirituality on White City (Who topic)

Tom Fency tomfency at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 26 19:34:39 CDT 2004

Introduction to White City in the inner sleeve -- by Pete Townshend

My room looks out to the wide open spaces   (by what? the Spirit? well, 
Spirit can fly for sure when
                                                                someone is 
My heart is touched by awakening faces         (an emotion created by 
telepathic communication?)
I see the panic of people in motion                (great emotions are like 
entities to be seen)
I can stand here and look out on an ocean     (again the ocean image 
representing the collective of
                                                                 minds -- 
both conscious and unconscious)
I am a wall awaiting a catch-word                  (to be open to 
revelations or deep spiritual insights)
I see the city laid out like patchwork              (the Oneness still 
emerges in a chaotic way)

My room is floating above all the fall-out          (the radioactive dust of 
the past nuclear explosions)
No one cas see me or hear if I call out            (because he is traveling 
to the past in Spirit)
I see a child watch him sparkle and glisten       (the child's Spirit is 
returning to his fundamental
faster than usual after a nuclear explosion)
I see a woman who's not learned to listen       (she died in nuke explosion 
but she didn't understand
                                                                 or maybe 
the situation has changed to a new
disintegration scenario -- an unadjusted family cell)
I see a boy with his mother's ambition             (he is talking about 
himself upon past memories)
Performing for love, trained in submission         (to be approved by his 
mother he must fake to

I am secure in this world of apartheid              (the world is not 
finished yet, it is incomplete and in
This my cell, but it's connected to starlight      (in this unfinished world 
what is left is individuality, but
trying to not lose transcendency or Spirituality)

Tom "strictly under rules" Fency

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