Beers and core matter (No Who)

Scott Schrade schrade at
Mon Jul 26 18:11:58 CDT 2004

> > Besides self-awareness, there are also other processes that are unexplained. 
> >  For example, how an egg knows what species it's going to develop into. 
> Isn't that what DNA is for?

> If you accept this, we could consider each person's unique electrical field 
> Speaking of New Age, does anyone think it feels like an aura?  Sometimes 
> mine is out of kilter.

"For every other object of color we have scientific devices which can measure 
any energy emitted from the object, as well as the wavelengths of light reflected 
from the object. Even though equipment exists capable of measuring extremely 
minute energy levels, no one has ever detected an aura or the alleged energy 
that gives rise to an aura using scientific equipment.

Human tissue is about a million times less sensitive than something like a PET 
scanner, yet we are supposed to believe that some special people can "see" 
what cannot otherwise be detected. Or, we are supposed to believe that we
all have the power to see auras but somehow we have repressed or never 
trained our psychic selves to unleash the power within."

- SCHRADE in Akron

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