Beers and Core Matter (No Who)

Scott Schrade schrade at
Mon Jul 26 18:02:06 CDT 2004

> All true. At least I can't argue. Everything I have ever seen on this earth
> seems to be part of a finely tuned system of energy exchange.

In fact, that's the way the entire universe works, as well - although "finely
tuned" isn't really a proper adjective.  Science has shown that there are
laws of thermodynamics & entropy.

Entropy says a closed system will go from order to disorder - like how
your bedroom will eventually get messy after you've cleaned it.  Creationists
say that this proves evolution false since organisms on earth are not
getting more disorderly but instead are becoming more complex.

But, they forget, the earth isn't a *closed* system.  And neither is your
bedroom.  The earth is getting energy from the sun.  And your bedroom
is getting energy from *you!*  (When you *clean* it - not when you're
expending that *other* type of energy that goes on in the bedroom!)

> I suppose my "random" comment stems from the why us, why all this?
> Could not all these elemental parts, under different conditions, say a
> different distance from a different sun create altogether different randomly
> designed finely tuned organisms?

You're right!  It's safe to assume each planet where life has taken hold
will bring about unique forms of life.  Just look at all the unique forms that
have existed on *this* planet throughout its 4.5 billion year history!

There are many variables which affect how life evolves.  Remember, we
most likely wouldn't be here if that massive comet or asteroid hadn't
struck the earth 65 million years ago, driving the extinction of the dominant
dinosaurs, & giving mammals a shot a taking the lead role.

> But I don't believe all the science in the world can truly explain self-
> awareness.

One would think.  But I'm reading a book right now which explains a lot
about that.  It's called ALCHEMY OF THE MIND by Diane Ackerman
& it describes those seemingly unscientific states of mind in a neurological,
biological, & evolutionary framework.

I realize it seems like something so complicated as "Love" *has* to be
something otherworldly & beyond the realm of science or biology, but
that's simply not the case.  Anyway, here's the Amazon link to that book
I was talking about.  Check it out!

> The fact that our species of organism is even capable of creating a
> religion is evidence enough for me that their is a mystery in our being that
> is beyond scientific understanding.

I think it's pretty obvious why our species created religion.  It was an
attempt to explain the universe in an age before scientific reasoning.

"Religion is the science of former times, dried out & turned to dogma;
it is only the husk of an outdated scientific explanation."
     - Roger Martin du Gard

- SCHRADE in Akron

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