Scott Schrade schrade at akrobiz.com
Mon Jul 26 17:02:33 CDT 2004

> Interesting.  But, like most things in life these days, I think those
> beliefs have become more superficial.  I don't think enough people are
> *thinking* in general and most of our lives are getting farther and farther
> from anything deep or meaningful, let alone spiritual.

I'll go along with that.  But people in this day & age believe in some
pretty wacky stuff.  A great book on the subject is WHY PEOPLE 
BELIEVE WEIRD THINGS by Michael Shermer.

> Driftin Blues?

There ya' go!  Kind of a depressing song, though.  Maybe sailing is 
something Pete keeps separate from his musical creativity.  Or maybe 
he's written 300 songs about sailing & hasn't released them.  I guess
we'll just have to be satisfied with Christopher Cross having cornered
the market.  

> But, that's exactly how I *do* qualify it. Science doesn't oppose
> spirituality, to me, but atheism does.

Well, how do you explain me, as an atheist, having spiritual feelings?
I can't believe that spiritual feelings are real only for people who
believe in a deity.

> I think (hope) you know that I mean no disrespect for you or your 
> views.  

I know that.

> I can tell that you've pondered life in as deep and meaningful a way 
> as any of us.  I would call that type of thinking deep, profound, 
> philisophical or even existential, but not spiritual.

OK, so with you, "spiritual" must have religious/deity connotations.
I understand that completely.  Like I said, the word is loaded with
those kinds of connotations.  It's hard to escape them, &, like you
said, why fight the definition of the word as it's used today?

> I'm not saying either ideology is superior to the other, just that they 
> are different.

I can dig it.

> It's irrelevant to our discussion of Pete's meaning, I suppose, because we
> know from reading about him that when he thinks about these matters he
> *does* relate them to spiritual ideas in the sense that I'm talking about.

Yalp, he sure does.  And not everyone who believes in deities & the like
engage in the same magnitude of reflection, either.  Some believe in God
but don't really think about it too much (Daltrey?), while some, like Pete,
ponder over & over about life, God, the universe, etc.

Is there a spirituality (any definition) in WHITE CITY?  Or is that just
stark humanistic realism, like I believe most of QUAD to be?

- SCHRADE in Akron

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