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Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Mon Jul 26 14:38:54 CDT 2004

> The fact (again, according to 
Galbraith and his fellow panelists) is that
outsourcing has only eliminated some 500,000 U.S. 


That's how many jobs they know were DIRECTLY
eliminated. My wife ran a retail outlet for the plant,
and when they moved it was closed. Doubt she was in a
stat, just the people actually doing the manufacturing
Then too, your "fact" ignores how many lose PART of
their income due to stores dependent on the dollars
made by the workers who lost their jobs, or how many
communities are impacted in a negative way as a
result, how taxes were raised having lost income, etc.
etc. etc.
My point was and still is entirely valid: stats are
not real life. In real life, outsourcing has damaged a
great more than 50k people. many you
couldn't get the figure. I know some...Kevin also
knows some, up in VT, and I have a friend who moved to
San Antonio who knows some too (he being one of them).
I'll bet you know some too. If I know 1200 in one tiny
corner of the country, then what's the REAL figure?
Shall I use the percentage and local population to
extrapolate how many have lost their jobs nationwide?
That would be a stat. The news speaks of 300 here, 200
there, 1800 somewhere else. It must be adding up.

> Mark knows some of those 500,000 or not does nothing
to change the facts, nor, I suspect, the economists'

But they weren't facts, they were stats. Don't make
the mistake of believing stats are facts just because
they shore up your own beliefs. It's very one
dimensional. Stats are one small aspect of a much
larger picture.

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is someone who brings people together."
       George "and that's not me" Bush

Cheers         ML

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