final copy-Quadrophenia

SicilianMother at SicilianMother at
Mon Jul 26 13:27:51 CDT 2004

Ok, I can't do 50 things at once and do them all right!!! This is what I mean to write. ;P

I have been having so much *FUN* on ebay lately. 

I have gotten some excellent and cool Who stuff ie, patches, buttons, etc.  But, I *am* really excited about the VHS tape of Quadrophenia...for like $5.00 with shipping!

I rented it once, but it was so long ago, I can't remember *much of it. Plus, I don't know if it was just me or what, but the *English* accents were so thick, I couldn't understand most of it.


Jo :) <enjoying the many benefits of working full time but especially the financial ones>
"Most of my songs are about Jesus. Most of my songs are about the idea that there is salvation, and that there is a Savior. But I won't mention his name in a song just to get a cheap play." Pete Townshend

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