beers and core matter

L. Bird pkeets at
Mon Jul 26 12:03:06 CDT 2004

> >  For example, how an egg knows what species it's going to develop into.

>Isn't that what DNA is for?

That's the basis of inheritance, and science is in the process of analyzing 
what each gene does.  However, this doesn't explain the process of 

Stem cells are those magical units that will develop into anything.   (You 
recall that they're another political hot potato for this next election, 
right?)  This means that they're placed into a damaged brain and they become 
brain cells to replace those that are missing.  If they're placed in a 
damaged spinal chord, then they become spinal chord cells.

So what directs this process?  How does the DNA know where it's been placed? 
There has to be some master program in the body that knows what's damaged 
and what's missing, and it has to have a feedback mechanism that keeps track 
of progress in fixing things.  Since this works in a zygote, which begins as 
a single cell, it has to be something within a cell.   Nucleus, 
mitachondria, cholorplasts, rhibosomes?  There's not much choice there.  But 
possibly each organism has it's own unique electrical field that provides a 

It's just another theory, totally unproved at this point.


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