Beers and core matter

L. Bird pkeets at
Mon Jul 26 10:22:05 CDT 2004

>But I don't believe all the science in the world can truly explain 
>self-awareness. You can identify every chemical, tissue and molecular 
>substance that courses through our brains, and none of it well
ever really explain an emotion, or the human desire for further 
understanding. The fact that our species of organism is even capable of 
creating a religion is evidence enough for me that their is a mystery in our 
being that is beyond scientific understanding.

Besides self-awareness, there are also other processes that are unexplained. 
  For example, how an egg knows what species it's going to develop into.  
This is a fairly persistent process involving the infamous stem cells, and I 
gather that early injuries to a zygote are ignored.  The cells just replace 
those which are injured or missing and go on to produce a perfect chick or 
grasshopper or small human.  Presumably there is some early electrical field 
that drives this development, and consciousness grows within it.

If you accept this, we could consider each person's unique electrical field 
to be a note or a chord, and to some perceptions, we might be a discordant 
symphony playing away.  Human senses aren't designed to hear electrical 
fields in this way, but it's not beyond imagination, so we get Hazrat Inayat 
Khan's advice to tune our field to the keynote of the chord around us.  
Presumably this cuts down on the discordance.

Speaking of New Age, does anyone think it feels like an aura?  Sometimes 
mine is out of kilter.

>>What is a "universal chord?"  What is the "tension?"  And what is 
>consciousness."  I'm afraid these are just New Age-ish terms that mean
>absolutely nothing.

>But concepts do mean something. By their very existence they mean 

You have to imagine some possibility and come up with a concept before you 
can even start to investigate.  This is where that initial question is so 
important, and often considered to be the product of genius.  Only when 
you've got a concept can you start the empirical research.

We do have equipment that can turn wavelengths into sound.  What do you 
suppose we sound like?  :)


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