who in Tokyo (Roger's wife)

Cindy McConnell cmcconnell at data-tronics.com
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No, I haven't seen PICS of her. I remember Roger once saying in an interview
that the only reason to get married was to have kids..... I think I could
handle the fooling around thing if it eventually stopped but if it was a
life long thing it would really be tough.   Cin (who wouldn't mind a night
or two with him either!) 

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>Have you ever seen PICS of her? She is very tall, thin and has long brown 
>hair. She is from here, in fact her parents still live in NY. I think to
>onto Roger that long, you would have to have a lot of patience. Who
>wouldn't want 
>to be in her shoes, until you stop and think about it. She allows him to be

>with whoever he wants, I don't know if I could deal with that. Maybe she
>the same thing, but seems to me if you really love someone, it would have
>put a strain on the marriage....Sandy (just give me one night with him..or
>two....or three...haha)

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> Maybe his suitcase got mixed up with Heather's.  BTW, anyone know if she
> goes to all the concerts? I've always wanted to see the woman who could
> Roger's attention for 30 years.
> Cin

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