beers and core matter.

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>> Could this vibration be the stuff of life that exists outside of our
>> scientific 
>> understanding? 
> Stuff of life?  You're mixing biology & physics here.  The stuff of life is
> well-known.  Go here for an overview:

You're far too kind. I'm mixing a few science class memories with pure
bullshit. Thanks for the link. It's an empirical answer holding my feet to
the fire on using another carelessly tossed phrase.

> We aren't "random collections of atomic matter."  We're finely-tuned organisms
> with thousands & thousands & thousands of years of evolutionary adjustments
> under our belts.  Our "thoughts, dreams and aspirations" are a byproduct of
> all that.  As a species, they help us survive.

All true. At least I can't argue. Everything I have ever seen on this earth
seems to be part of a finely tuned system of energy exchange. I suppose my
"random" comment stems from the why us, why all this? Could not all these
elemental parts, under different conditions, say a different distance from a
different sun create altogether different randomly designed finely tuned
organisms? But I don't believe all the science in the world can truly
explain self-awareness. You can identify every chemical, tissue and
molecular substance that courses through our brains, and none of it well
ever really explain an emotion, or the human desire for further
The fact that our species of organism is even capable of creating a religion
is evidence enough for me that their is a mystery in our being that is
beyond scientific understanding.

>> Maybe there a universal "chord" that unlocks the tension and returns all
>> that feel it to the universal consciousness.
> What is a "universal chord?"  What is the "tension?"  And what is "universal
> consciousness."  I'm afraid these are just New Age-ish terms that mean
> absolutely nothing.

They mean nothing to you because to even discuss things like this you have
to leave the world of empirical thought for a minute. I actually have no
idea what a universal chord or a universal consciousness is except for a
collection of "terms", nor could I produce them for examination. They are
merely concepts expressed through the limitation of one language made up of
26 letters. That all I have, and it is enough for me.

But concepts do mean something. By their very existence they mean something. 

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