The 8th

SicilianMother at SicilianMother at
Mon Jul 26 08:28:28 CDT 2004

Plan for the Who Tribute band "The Who Show" (check out their website with 
same name) has changed slightly.  On the 8th, instead of playing at the 
Pignwhistle, they will be at Molly Malones.  They will still be playing at the Whistle 
on the 9th at Whola 2.75.

Of course, plans could change, again so keep it loose.

On the 8th, they don't play until about 10:30 pm (that time could change), so 
there will be plenty of time to talk Who stuff.


Jo <who sat out by the pool all weekend getting nice and brown........Life is 

"God blessed Ronald Wilson Reagan and through President Reagan he also 
blessed America and much of the world. Good night Mr. President and enjoy your 
Heavenly Rewards".

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