japan video- Pete smash

Sroundtable at aol.com Sroundtable at aol.com
Mon Jul 26 01:14:59 CDT 2004

That was pretty f#$%ing awesome.  Roger's voice sounded really strong, 
especially in AJ.  I wish he wouldn't round off those notes in SMFM, but that's 
nit-picking.  Pete looked like he had a blast and was positive yet venomous 
simultaneously.  I wonder what that guitar did to deserve such a thrashing?  Does 
anyone think that Pete might have been throwing down the gauntlet to Aerosmith 
(in a good-natured way), who I believe had to follow that?  

I'm pretty damn pumped for Shoreline and Hollywood Bowl.  I'm taking my 43 
yr-old sister who has never seen a real rock concert.  She's only seen 2 
concerts and they were when she was in college: Earth, Wind and Fire and The Osmonds. 
 She may not be able to handle The Who.  She is also an audiologist, so I 
told her she was not allowed to bring earplugs.  An entire life of protecting 
ones ears can withstand one night of sonic blasts from The Who (maybe).


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