Yokohama review (uh, sorta)

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Mon Jul 26 00:40:33 CDT 2004

Well, I'm not up to picking through all those characters, so I ran it 
through the translator.   If you can make heads or tails of it, they say the 
cheer for The Hu was large.

I stood all day long.
Because it was from carrying yesterday, it is ← 笑 from a PC 

Yesterday was hot.
An intense heat 
もあるけどやっぱ performer 
is terrible!
It is an impression person.
It is begun by 
ジョシュ Todd
Michel branch
Hiroshi Inaba
The who
The last is Aerosmith

rain which didn't know the who.
I make it the 40th anniversary organization, and it seems to have been the 
first visit to Japan performance, and it is large shout of joy 
がすごかったぁ of all.
Kana ぁ that the child whom it is easy to listen to music, and said 
together will buy a CD and よ (^ ^) which I said

♪ which I liked rain [Michel branch], and was happiness more
Besides, I was able to listen to favorite music, too and sleep, and it is 
It is breast &#12363;&#12375;&#12363;&#12387;&#12383;&#12424;&#12361; (><) 
in the music that it has begun to hear Western music in the days of a 
student, and it purchased

An Inaba &#12373;&#12435;&#12399;&#12420;&#12387;&#12401; voice is good.
&#8592; &#31505; that there was you, and the hot cause was hot
I am young and am too young!
Is cool when even if look ||, hey.
But it is &#12377; &#8592; &#31505; in rain which is the greed that 
Matsumoto wanted you to appear

Aerosmith which the child who went together loves.
On this account (the baby which was said to go.) )
I already said eek eek and was terrible (- -;)
The music on parade that I surely know.
With the music that it spread in a commercial.

It appears only in Osaka to have been disappointed with one [full Ulu]
&#12353; (TT) which a voice of toe TASS Matsumoto wanted to hear
Oh, || at the next opportunity.

There was a dish of various countries in a meeting place and was quite 
(><) that it was quite hard that I cooled it as for the &#22374; noodles
A head assumes that I eat a hot thing hard.
&#12424; which has used headache pill in &#12398; on the way.
But delicious &#9834;

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