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Sun Jul 25 20:38:39 CDT 2004

<<There are many shades to the word "spiritual."  And
I think Pete's writing shows not only a *religious*
sense of spirituality but also a humanistic one, as

Though I'm not one of them, there are people who are
both humanistic and religious/spiritual.  There's even
a denomination of Judaism, Humanistic Judaism
(http://www.shj.org), where the practioners live good
religious lives, go to shul, do the holidays and
Shabbos, etc., but don't believe in a Divine.  They've
altered the language of the b'rachot (blessings) and
prayers to reflect this nonbelief, such as changing
the ha'motzi blessing said over bread to say "blessed
are those who bread forth bread from the Earth," not
"blessed are you God" who does the same, the same way
that you can change the gender to reflect your belief
in a female Divinity.  It's really fascinating stuff.

Anna U. Mormack
"Every wise person has enough of the simpleton in him or her."—Aleksandr Isayevitch Solzhenitsyn 

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