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> 'Naked the First.'

You sign your own name, and I'll sign mine!

> A 2001 survey found that 54% of Americans believe in "psychic or spirit-
> ual (there's that word again!) healing."  50% believe in "ESP."  41%
> in "possession by the devil."  And 38% believe in "ghosts."
> And well over 90% believe in "God" - which *is* a supernatural belief.

Interesting.  But, like most things in life these days, I think those
beliefs have become more superficial.  I don't think enough people are
*thinking* in general and most of our lives are getting farther and farther
from anything deep or meaningful, let alone spiritual.

> Can we think
> of any Pete songs dealing with nature in a spiritual sense?  I'm surprised
> he doesn't write more about sailing.  I mean, he uses a lot of water
> we know, but he must encounter spiritual moments while sailing, don't ya'
> think?

Driftin Blues?

> Unless you qualify "spirituality" as only having to do with the
> you can't claim that secular humanists & the like don't have spiritual
> feelings.

But, that's exactly how I *do* qualify it. Science doesn't oppose
spirituality, to me, but atheism does.

I think (hope) you know that I mean no disrespect for you or your views.  I
can tell that you've pondered life in as deep and meaningful a way as any of
us.  I would call that type of thinking deep, profound, philisophical or
even existential, but not spiritual.  I'm not saying either ideology is
superior to the other, just that they are different.

It's irrelevant to our discussion of Pete's meaning, I suppose, because we
know from reading about him that when he thinks about these matters he
*does* relate them to spiritual ideas in the sense that I'm talking about.

Jim M

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