they start young

SicilianMother at SicilianMother at
Sun Jul 25 08:46:12 CDT 2004

My beautifully intelligent 12 yr old daughter starts debating politics with 
me the other morning while I'm getting ready for work! (I always watch fox news 
in the am to get my blood pumping).  She sounded so frickin' informed, I 
teased her and said "oh, you little democrat you".  She almost started crying.  
"mom, stop teasing me!".  After chuckling under my breath, I said "honey, I only 
said that because I am proud of you. You don't know how proud it makes me to 
see you thinking for your own and not just going along with what your grandpa 
or I says, I think that is awesome".

WAIVER:  There are certain things I DO expect of her to go along with what I 
say, ie. drugs, sex, the rules of the house, homework, etc. No negotiating on 
that stuff.

All day long, I kept shaking my head thinking, how could such a young girl 
have developed such strong opinions at such a tender age.  Can I brag and say 
she is her mother's daughter?. :)

She is also wearing the Whola II shirt I was given for her with Pete at 
Woodstock (I think)  and she says it is her favorite shirt (her portable CD player 
has Who's Next in it. Yes!!!) My rock and roll baby girl!  Now I just need to 
work on her younger brothers.

"God blessed Ronald Wilson Reagan and through President Reagan he also 
blessed America and much of the world. Good night Mr. President and enjoy your 
Heavenly Rewards".

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