Beers or core matter?

Scott Schrade schrade at
Fri Jul 23 17:18:49 CDT 2004

> Here's the thought. All matter that we perceive is only an interpretation of
> reality. 

That's true in a sense.  Our brains *create* an awareness of reality for us.

> But down at the very core of these things are atoms consisting of charged 
> particles

Don't forget the *uncharged* particles like neutrons!

> that vibrate around each other in an infinite number of combinations. 

There is an atom's core (made up of protons & neutrons), which isn't vibrating, 
& a cloud of electrons around that.  Not sure what you mean by "infinite number
of combinations."

> Everything can be broken down to these essential parts can it not?

No.  There are smaller constituents than just protons, neutrons, & electrons.
Go here for "the family" of elemental particles known or theorized by 
science at this time:

> Now, if all those bits of matter are manifesting themselves through various
> rates of vibration, 

String theory mentions vibrations.  It theorizes that all elementary particles
are made up of vibrating loops or strings of energy.  And different vibrations
manifest themselves into different elementary particles.

> what is the common element?

Vibrating loops or strings of energy, according to string theory.  

> What is the glue that holds all this together in so many perceived colors, 
> textures, sounds and forms?

Not sure what you mean by "glue."

> Is it one large living symphony of being? 

Not sure what you mean here.

> Could "core matter" as I so carelessly referred to it, ultimately be vibration? 

Yes!  If string theory becomes testable & proves to be correct.

> Could this vibration be the stuff of life that exists outside of our scientific 
> understanding? 

Stuff of life?  You're mixing biology & physics here.  The stuff of life is
well-known.  Go here for an overview:

> Could  it be the genesis of our thoughts, dreams and aspirations that oddly 
> arise out of our random collections of atomic matter?

We aren't "random collections of atomic matter."  We're finely-tuned organisms
with thousands & thousands & thousands of years of evolutionary adjustments
under our belts.  Our "thoughts, dreams and aspirations" are a byproduct of
all that.  As a species, they help us survive.

> Maybe there a universal "chord" that unlocks the tension and returns all
> that feel it to the universal consciousness. 

What is a "universal chord?"  What is the "tension?"  And what is "universal
consciousness."  I'm afraid these are just New Age-ish terms that mean 
absolutely nothing.

> Isn't the ultimate reality supposed to be beyond our feeble comprehension 
> anyway?

Depends on what you mean by "ultimate reality?"  But I think you probably
mean something like a complete understanding.  Will we get there?  Who 
knows?  But one thing is for sure:  science is actually *looking* for the answer
& actually finding clues, while religion & supernatural musings are simply   
*guessing* at the nature of reality.

> So back to the question. If you could put down your beer and return your
> being to the universal consciousness, would you do it? 

Nope.  I'd finish my beer & then order another one.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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