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Sat Jul 24 12:13:04 CDT 2004

>>I agree.  The way we live tends to remove us from nature

>Speak for yourself. There are those of us who primitive camp and live IN 
>nature, at least for a
little while. And IMHO that's a more spiritual experience than going to a 
stone building and telling
a Supreme Being that he/she/it's great over and over.

I agree with this.  How many people camp out, though?

>>why it is that I see spirituality in some of Pete's songs that Mark 
>>doesn't see at all.

>Spirituality is not a flexible term.

Then why are you proposing that communing with nature is more spiritual than 
sitting in Church?  I'm trying to defend your position here.  If I 
understood Jim correctly, he was just saying that spirituality has to relate 
to the divine or the supernatural.

>Social and psychological are not spiritual.

I agree, but comments about them can have spiritual overtones.  You can't 
make an interpretation black and white like this.  Pete's work is full of 

>>It's possible that we could say Pete is talking about morality when he 

>Morality is not dependent on spirituality. Some might base theirs on a 
>spiritual belief, but it's not

I agree.  This is another case of trying to call something either black or
white.  However, the two do often occur together.

>>ajustment in QUAD, but I think these things he's presenting relate to the 

>You think, but you there's no evidence in the lyrics.

If I identify subtle clues, then I conclude it's spiritual.  We just went 
through why you don't think things are spiritual, and I'm willing to respect 
your feelings in the matter.  However, I'm not willing to give up my 
feelings about what the references mean.  This is one of the terrific things 
about Pete's songs.  He leaves them open enough that people can supply their 
own understanding.

>>Is that why we're dicussing definitions?  Does Pete have to mention the 
>>divine or supernatural in order to write a spiritual song?

>I think at the least he has to allude to it!

The problem is to identify the allusion.  Tell me again why you don't think 
RGLB is spiritual?  ;)


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