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Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Sat Jul 24 11:09:53 CDT 2004

> I agree.  The way we live tends to remove us from
> nature


Speak for yourself. There are those of us who
primitive camp and live IN nature, at least for a
little while. And IMHO that's a more spiritual
experience than going to a stone building and telling
a Supreme Being that he/she/it's great over and over.

> why it is that I see spirituality in some of Pete's
> songs that Mark doesn't see at all.

Spirituality is not a flexible term. Social and
psychological are not spiritual.

> It's possible that we could say Pete is talking
> about morality when he talks 

Morality is not dependent on spirituality. Some might
base theirs on a spiritual belief, but it's not

> ajustment in QUAD, but I think these things he's
> presenting relate to the spirit.

You think, but you there's no evidence in the lyrics.

> Is that why we're dicussing definitions?  Does Pete
> have to mention the 
> divine or supernatural in order to write a spiritual
> song?

I think at the least he has to allude to it!

> The next election will 
> show, you'll see. We all will see.


If it's honest. Which I doubt to the core of my being.
I saw on the news yesterday that the Bushies are so
worried they're thinking of moving up the capture of
bin Laden to next week instead of waiting until the
original target date.

> The immediate flaw in that allegation is that
> Wal-mart is nationally known for its low prices


People also believed the world was flat. Wal-Mart
raises the prices after the competition is gone. In
fact, Wal-Mart is the Antichrist Superstore. The
prototype for the huge conglomerate mentality that is
killing the individuality of American retail.
To shop in a Wal-Mart is to further degrade the
American Dream. They force censorship by economic
means (deplorable), and only treat their fulltime
employees well...a small minority of those they hire.
The vast majority are kept below full time so no
benefits have to be paid. They've also influenced
local governments to use emminent domain to steal land
from owners who don't want to sell, in order to build
new stores.

> Therefore
> Wal-mart can't be 
> raising their prices by very much, if at all.

Do some research.

> economy.  In other words, it's an election-year
> issue good for many votes from the uninformed, but
not a real problem.

You mean the "uninformed" like my wife, whose corp
moved overseas two years ago forcing her to take a job
making $12k less? Or the "uninformed" in the nearby
town of Georgetown SC who lost their jobs when the
steel mill moved overseas?
Amazing how some people get caught up in stats and
lose sight of reality.

> What you
> call a sweatshop an impoverished 
> man on the streets of Cambodia calls the best job
> available

So I guess that makes it OK that they make him work 80
hours a week to make a bare living wage. That's why
Kathi Lee was so proud to be associated with one. And

> of course, saturates the (untrue) characterization
> of labor relations 
> as a life-and-death struggle from which only
> government can save us.

Yeah, tell that to the children in West Virginia who
died from the buildup of coal dust in their lungs.

> road.  And, to think that *every* *single* person at
> the same time in our
> country can make it via "pure capitalism" is a
> fallacy that implies there
> will never be poor people.


Indeed, it couldn't work without cheap labor.

> Oh brother.

Where art thou. You have to wonder just how cold
hearted and unfeeling people can be, don't you? It's
really quite shocking how little progress civilization
has made after all.

"And so, in my State of the—my State of the Union—or
state—my speech to the nation, whatever you want to
call it, speech to the nation..."
   George "making the IMPORTANT decisions" Bush

Cheers         ML

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