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Jim M NakedI at
Sat Jul 24 10:23:03 CDT 2004

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> Why does God have to be a conciousness?  Again, you're limiting him/her to
> human experience.

Is not referring to god as "him/her" also doing the same thing?

 > I see spirituality all over "Bargain."  My point was that there's no
> of God in it.  So why does Mark see "Bargain" as a spiritual song and
> "Eminence Front" as non-spiritual?  I feel the same thing from both of

Then I got confused by this post about Bargain:

"PK>>>Why do you think it's especially spiritual and/or uplifting?

ML>>Because it's about giving yourself the Big G?

PK>Again, where does it say that?  What if it's about giving yourself to a
woman instead?  Is it still spiritual and uplifing?"

Sounds like you're arguing that Bargain is not spiritual to me.  I'm trying
to give you the benefit of the doubt, but I keep feeling that you'll keep
shifting your arguments just to keep arguing.  I like these discussions, but
not when you do a 180 and then pretend you were pointing that way the whole

> Pete has helped us interpret "Bargain" because he's said it's about a
> bargain with God.  To my knowledge, he's never disucssed "Eminence Front"
> the same way.  Is this causing a bias in the debate?

I don't think I ever understood what you thought was spiritual about
Eminence Front.  Can you remind me?  Personally, I think if you're trying to
make the point that some of Pete's later writing is just as spiritual as his
earlier writing, EF is not the song to use.  Use The Sea Refuses No River or
Somebody Saved Me or Let My Love Open The Door...

Jim M

"They say that nakedness is what our lord intended; when we stand naked then
we all appear the same"  This isn't spiritual, although it refers directly
to god, I just like saying "naked."

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