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> >Aren't you questioning the general usage of it below?
> I'm questioning why every time someone mentions god, you feel the need to
> point out that god is not exclusively Christian. I think we all know that.
> Okay.
> >Then how are secular humanists to discuss their spiritual feelings?  I
> >agree that spiritual isn't just observational.  The spiritual capacity is
> >something that's wired into the human brian, and it doesn't go away when
> >someone intellectually rejects something as supernatural.
> >I don't think they have spiritual feelings.  I think they have deep,
> profound, wonderful feelings that are purely non-spiritual.  This is
> what I mean by bending word meanings so that no one feels left out.  This
> nothing against anyone's thoughts or beliefs.  I'm just standing up for
> meaning of a word.
> I think we're going to have to agree to differ on this definition.  I
> think spiritual seeking has to be after God in a religious or supernatural
> context.
> >>I agree.  The way we live tends to remove us from nature, and we begin
> >see the world as man-made and to lose touch with our origins, and with
> >matters of the spirit.
> >That's true, but not what I meant.  "Nature" is only spiritual if you
> >assign a persona or conciousness to it.  I.e., cultures that worship
> >and treat it like a deity.
> Why does God have to be a conciousness?  Again, you're limiting him/her to
> human experience.
> >>Hmmm.  How did we get into this discussion?  Maybe it's necessary to
> >>clairfy why it is that I see spirituality in some of Pete's songs that
> >>Mark doesn't see at all.
> >Or why you couldn't see any in Bargain.
> I see spirituality all over "Bargain."  My point was that there's no
> of God in it.  So why does Mark see "Bargain" as a spiritual song and
> "Eminence Front" as non-spiritual?  I feel the same thing from both of
> >>Is that why we're dicussing definitions?  Does Pete have to mention the
> >divine or supernatural in order to write a spiritual song?  Or does he
> only have to arouse spiritual feelings in the listener?
> >I'll never argue with anyone about what they feel when they listen to a
> song.  But, there's plenty of room for debate about what Pete intended.
> Pete has helped us interpret "Bargain" because he's said it's about a
> bargain with God.  To my knowledge, he's never disucssed "Eminence Front"
> the same way.  Is this causing a bias in the debate?
> keets
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